Using ezFramer Express to enter and price out customer orders for your picture framing jobs is super easy.   The order entry process is the same regardless of which version you end up purchasing (Express, Basic or Full) so if you ever choose to upgrade (or downgrade), there won’t be any learning curve that would slow you down.

The process is very simple and starts with entering the image size and mat widths, if you’re using any mats.  Enter in the matboard data and moulding data plus any specifications such as extra openings, style cuts, or particular frame discount percentages.

Then simply select your Glass, Mount and Fitting charges or other charges you have already set up in the Setup Guide.

The only thing left is to enter in the required fields which are the image description, customer name and… that’s all!

Now review the order and make any adjustments as needed.  You’ll see the final price in the bottom right corner where you can save the order.

The software will prompt you to print an invoice and you can click Yes or No.   Remember with the Express version, you won’t have the ability to actually accept and record payments… just pricing them out.  So the invoice will not have a Payment Received amount even if you already collected the information.

If you want, just mark it paid on the printout before giving it to the customer.

The software will also prompt you to print a shop copy for those who will work on the order.  It includes the information you need like cuts, special instructions, etc.

Here’s a tip:  print two copies (you can set this up in the Setup Guide) and keep one copy with the piece and one in a folder of work to do.   This way you have a record of everything – one for tracking and one with the piece. We did this at the shop I used to work at and it was very practical.

Of course, everyone has their own way of doing their internal processes so whatever works for you!  Plus if you have the Basic or Full software versions, you can use the Pending list which will keep a record of all your orders in one place – super nice!

If you have questions, let us know and always ask if we have any specials going on or payment plans!

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Happy Framing!