ezFramer Express Picture Framing SoftwareThere are multiple reasons why picture framing software is so beneficial for custom framers.

As the creators of ezFramer software and as former custom framers ourselves, this article will focus on three benefits regardless of which version of ezFramer you may choose.

Since we are currently running a promotion for our ezFramer Express software, (ends July 29th, 2016, so don’t miss out!) we’ll reference that version most throughout the post.

First – what is Express? Express is one of three versions of our ezFramer product line.  Express has the essentials that any framer would need such as pricing, printing, and keeping a customer database.

Instead of going through all the differences in this post, just check out the documentation and feature videos here.

ezFramer Helps Framers Improve Organization and Eliminate Clutter

ezFramer keeps a detailed record of all your framing orders.  This allows you and your staff to quickly locate an order anytime you need to – whether the same day or two years down the road.

For example, ever have a customer come in and place an order wanting the same frame they used last time?  With ezFramer you no longer have to sift through filing cabinets and folders of loose papers (as I have done in the past many moons ago), but instead simply locate the customer in the database, open the work order and view the details.

It’s as simple as that.

Our Software Helps Framers Price Orders with Consistent Accuracy

ezFramer Software Work OrderOnce your pricing is configured in the ezFramer Setup Guide your orders will price out exactly as you want them to each time.  To see how it actually works, check out our previous post which includes an Express version video.

Everything is on one easy screen and you select your options from drop downs that will auto populate the pricing fields.  No more handwritten pricing where calculations are accidentally figured out wrong, or numbers are misread.

The only time pricing would change is when:

  • You decide to use our “override” feature and adjust an order on the fly during the order taking process
  • A vendor issued a pricing update and you updated ezFramer with your mouldings/matboards with the newer pricing using our vendor updates installation
  • You manually change a price in the Price List itself (such as adjusting Glass to price out $5 higher for example)
  • You are running a sale and use the Discount feature during the order taking process

As always, it’s still important to proof each order before hitting that save button.  You want to make sure all the information for that order is entered in.

Build Customer Confidence with a Professional Image

With many businesses, not just custom picture framers, the ability to present oneself professionally through the use of professional tools is often forfeited at the expense of other day to day responsibilities.

All versions of ezFramer have the ability to print out professional invoices and work orders.   Even though the Express version doesn’t include the Receive Payments feature (our other versions do), you can still print a professional invoice with your company name and logo and present it to the customer.

Using a professional printout gives a clean and neat impression which the customer will appreciate when doing business with you.

ezFramer Express is a great place for custom framers to start with software.

We have some companies that use Express just for pricing out orders only, while we have others that use it to keep track of their customers and perform various sorts of marketing.    On the other hand we also have customers that use Express because framing is only a portion of their overall business and they don’t need the other features.

Every business is different with their needs.  That’s why we support three different versions, each of which you can upgrade to the next version at anytime.

Make sure to take advantage of any sales we have going on and feel free to contact us at anytime online or calling 800.404.0634.