nuTech is owned by Frank Krause, a former framer and frame shop owner. He started his framing business when he left corporate America. After running his shop, he tried to find software to help make his life easier. Not finding anything that suited his purposes, he created his own. Word spread about his software and after the encouragement of vendor reps who knew him, he put it on the market.

Fast forward over two decades we now offer three versions of ezFramer. Express, Basic, and Full versions. ezFramer is still servicing customers all over the US.

Oh, and a cool fact? Frank met his future wife Liz who bought his software program while working at a frame shop in Maryland. Talk about a long-distance relationship! Frank is the programmer and will help you with your support needs while Liz handles the business operations.

Customer-First Focus

We treat every customer like they’re our only one. We can’t stand lousy service so we strive to give the best service you deserve.

We’ve Been There

Yup, we’ve been framers ourselves. In fact, the creator of ezFramer owned his own frame shop in Ohio before writing this software.

Creators at Heart

We love to create. In fact, we’re artists at heart too!


Make it easy for your customers to use your frames. If they aren’t in our software, they’ll use someone else. It’s that simple. Contact us to find out how we require your data at no charge so your customers can use your frames in our software.

Typically all we need is a csv that is properly formatted.

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