About Us

A little fun history on how ezFramer all started…

Once upon a time there was a young chap named Frank who worked for corporate America.   Frank, being a landscape artist at heart decided to open his own framing business call Artistics, out of Ohio.   He started out like many other framers right in his own basement with a few tools and a passion for creating – whether art itself or the frames for the art.

Over time, word spread and as his business began to grow he hired some employees and opened a store front.   Business was a great success!

Then, one day he decided to start looking at ways to make his framing business more manageable with simple things such as tracking orders and keeping track of customers, payments, and sales.    He couldn’t find anything that he quite liked so he started developing his own program… and ezFramer was  born.

Although he enjoyed the retail business he eventually decided to sell it off and spend more time with his passion for programming and promoting his software.

Fast forward to present day, nuTech continues to grow and provide services to the Art & Framing Industry.  We treat each of our customers just as if they were our only customer, and appreciate the valuable feedback and suggestions they continue to provide.

nuTech now offers three versions of ezFramer from Express, Basic and the Full version.   Each version is the same in regards to functionality such as how to enter and save orders and customers, however the number of features vary.   For a full comparison of features, please visit here.

Thanks for reading!