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ezFramer is Picture Framing Software for Custom Picture Framers. The software is used to enter orders, print invoices, maintain customer names and addresses, create mailing labels and... more>>

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nuTech is committed to running our business in the most ethical way. We have set forth specific policies on our website to address these issues such as privacy policies, refunds... more>>

Custom Picture Framing Software

Achieve greater organization, efficiency & profits with software designed solely for custom picture framing businesses.


There's a definite science to merging the art of custom framing with business practices and it isn't always easy.

Our software makes sure things like pricing orders out, updating vendor costs and keeping track of customer orders is easy and stress free. ezFramer is designed to take the headaches and stress off your shoulders so you can do what you love most - framing.

Learn how ezFramer can help your business with our online videos and free demo downloads.


It's important making an informed decision when choosing software for your business. We completely understand! We understand because ezFramer was designed and programmed from the ground up by a framer turned programmer.

ezFramer was started over 10 years ago, and continues to grow, providing updates and new features to its users.

Our custom framing software is used by companies through out North America and even overseas. It is offered in 3 versions:

Express: This version is great for new businesses, small shops, or businesses which offer framing as an extension to their main business. This version is offered with or without support. Although we highly recommend our support plans, we know there are some sincerely do not require it or will purchase it a bit later. This software version starts at $99.

Basic and Full: These versions include more advanced features such as accepting payments, a pending list to track orders by status (completed, open, quotes, etc..) They also offer more reporting options and the full version comes with network capabilities for up to 4 computers at one location.

Both Basic and Full versions are now offered with low cost monthly leasing options!

Not sure which one is right for you? Fill out our free demo request form and you'll receive an email with instructions for download one or both versions you can test out for 30 days!

Support Plans
Anytime you purchase a software program, it is important to have access to important updates. Just as you'd keep up with maintenance on your car, or even anit-virus software, so you should with your framing software.

ezFramer Maintenance and Support plans are important because they provide you with the latest update to vendor updates for starters. Vendor updates are important because they are frequently increasing their prices - and with the rise in gas prices, don't expect it to slow down. Our software takes those updates and automatically adjusts your retail prices so you don't have to a) do it yourself manually and b) worry about taking a hit on your profit margin.

The support plan also includes program updates. These updates includes new features, enhancements to regular features, or fixes. We always encourage our users to let us know if anything doesn't work the way they think it should be. We welcome all feedback from our customers - good and bad comments!

Lastly, the support plans provide you access to technical support. We know you will have questions from time to time, or need to reinstall the software, or what have you - we've been there and we understand. You will have access to our toll free number and email. We check messages throughout off hours so we can respond even during those times!

Take a look around our site, and as always, don't hesitate to call or email with any questions you might have!




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